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It’s tricky sometimes, and you feel like you aren’t going anywhere, and that you don’t do anything
but you do
we love what you do.
you really truly matter

oh gosh
This is so cute!! thank you so much !!! 
Anonymous: ohhhhhhh my goodness your art is so good and adorable and cute and a bunch of other words

you are very nice, thank you!!

Posted on Aug 21st (12:44am), 1 day ago

80s cheerilee parties hard
i hope she doesn’t have a hangover tomorrow
Anonymous: that's dangerous thinkin m8. if u was a game designer, alll of that would be productive

although i think i’ll probably end up making at least one small javascript/iOS/Android game, I don’t really want to be a game designer/developer. At least not at the moment anyway, although it would be cool to be able to use both my programming and artistic skills simultaneously. 

Posted on Aug 20th (4:00pm), 1 day ago

cheshiresdesires: It's fine boyi. Your productivity as an artist also comes from creative thought. If you don't feel being pushed enough by your idea it means they weren't worth bothering with... that's what I keep telling myself at least. Cheers!

doing art can’t be considered productive to me anymore, unfortunately.

programming and math are.

Posted on Aug 20th (6:25am), 1 day ago

that feel when you can’t do anything without feeling guilty and bad for not being productive 

Posted on Aug 20th (5:59am), 1 day ago
Anonymous: what are you wearing?

nothing, as i am currently having sex with your mother

Posted on Aug 20th (5:58am), 1 day ago

Anonymous: Pony butts. Thoughts on these?

i approve

i like the entire pony as a whole together though. ponies are nice.

Posted on Aug 20th (4:05am), 1 day ago

Anonymous: What can I do to make you feel a bit better in general?

oh anon

I’m just glad you care! Thank you!

Posted on Aug 20th (2:27am), 1 day ago

/ before