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Anonymous: Why you so gay?

Posted on Sep 3rd (12:27am), 6 minutes ago

ask-looneymoon: Where is your favorite place to visit?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite place to visit, but I do love cities and overgrown towns

I would say I have a favorite time to visit places though. Dusk until dawn is always really pretty and really empty. The sky is always nice colors too.

Posted on Sep 3rd (12:20am), 13 minutes ago

tmi tuesday

havent done this in a bit

ask me anything!

Posted on Sep 2nd (11:50pm), 43 minutes ago
average friday night.png
 ❄ snow day  ❄
forever-waiting-for-tomorrow: Sorry if this was asked already but what kinds of brush do you use or is there a tutorials of brush settings?

i use default brushes and then sometimes some of Zedig’s

Posted on Aug 24th (8:39pm), 1 week ago

Anonymous: lulamoon* i think it was


its still very pretty!

Posted on Aug 22nd (3:36am), 1 week ago

pony should pony pony

Posted on Aug 22nd (3:35am), 1 week ago
u go trixie

It’s tricky sometimes, and you feel like you aren’t going anywhere, and that you don’t do anything
but you do
we love what you do.
you really truly matter

oh gosh
This is so cute!! thank you so much !!! 
/ before