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Anonymous: Have you considered giving making tutorials or tips? Your coloring and shading is beautiful.

I don’t think there’s anything I know that other people haven’t already made into tutorials haha. I’m glad you like my coloring though

Posted on Apr 22nd (7:12pm), 11 hours ago

some people requested the colorless vesion
xieril: l-lewd


Posted on Apr 19th (2:49pm), 3 days ago

lyra pls

sometimes i feel like a normalfag and then i remember i waifu a magical green horse 

Posted on Apr 19th (2:31am), 4 days ago
Anonymous: Do you enjoy alcohol/getting drunk?

I guess. Its kinda fun if you’re with people you like, but going out and getting drunk at random frat parties isn’t really what I would call fun.

Posted on Apr 16th (8:54pm), 6 days ago

xuliaxis: You can easily pick up mainstream languages because they have a lot of C in their blood. If you're looking to challenge yourself you ought to look into an esoteric language like Haskell. Most of what you know won't carry over to it and you're not likely to find a job coding in it, but the way it forces you to think about problems will forever make you a better programmer in whatever language you use.

Yeah, it’s something that I am really interested in trying actually, but with my limited amount of time I would rather just learn straight C to become a better programmer AND succeed in my classes (which are taught in C)

Maybe i’ll have time to try it during the summer though

Posted on Apr 16th (1:15am), 1 week ago

Anonymous: Which language you can code the shit on then?

I primarily code in C but due to the nature of C it’s not terribly difficult to pick up the syntax of other languages

that being said, I mostly just work with databases and things like that for now, since I’m still so new, but I’m hoping over the summer I can immerse myself in a more interesting project. 

Posted on Apr 15th (9:25pm), 1 week ago

Anonymous: not a tmi question but are you okay with people using your art as a bottom/sidebar image on their blog if they credit you properly? (´・ω・`)

sure, as long as i get credit

Posted on Apr 15th (9:24pm), 1 week ago

/ before