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Anonymous: Maybe because of their horns?

are you suggesting I like unicorns because they are horny??

Posted on Sep 18th (8:34am), 3 hours ago

Anonymous: unicorns arent real m8

Posted on Sep 17th (12:02pm), 23 hours ago

why do i like unicorns so much

Posted on Sep 17th (6:57am), 1 day ago

So much swag in da hood

yung monee in da house


I met Mewball and he MAD GAY SON. MAD GAY

oh my gosh, I just got insulted by the CREATOR OF FIMFICTION.NET

hold me

Posted on Sep 15th (11:55am), 2 days ago ↘


it’s me reuniclus

let me tell you

ok so here

I need money to buy smash bros for my sister and to buy lots of omelettes for myself (I’m not kidding I really love omelettes like holy shit you don’t even know. I walk past the café and I’m like man….)

"reuniclus get a job" well that’s very nice…

reu draws some very cute ponos

Posted on Sep 13th (12:52pm), 4 days ago

hello friends

i am going to england for two weeks

Posted on Sep 4th (7:34pm), 1 week ago
summer time more like fuck it keeps happening
Anonymous: When was the last time you actually got 8 hours of sleep?

Now that i’m done with work, I get 8 hours of sleep almost every night!

5 am to 1 pm that is

Posted on Sep 3rd (5:59pm), 2 weeks ago

Anonymous: TMI from an anon: I am a straight guy, but there has been like three dudes I would go gay with, you been one of them, you're kinda hot for a dude. So don't despair man, I am sure there will be a girl around soon enough (or a guy if you decide to swing that way, if you find a hot guy yourself) so cheer on and be happy!

anon pls

Posted on Sep 3rd (2:53am), 2 weeks ago

/ before