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i always feel uncomfortable around pretty people cause i im not pretty

Posted on Jul 31st (2:55am), 27 minutes ago
when i met you in the summer
Anonymous: Oh so now your bed is Twilight's bed? Lyra does not approve

They’re just having a sleep over, anon

Is there something wrong with that?

Posted on Jul 27th (11:33pm), 3 days ago

Anonymous: Lyra will be mad when she sees Twilight sleeping in her spot

Lyra has a spot in Twilight’s bed?

Posted on Jul 27th (10:40pm), 3 days ago

Anonymous: that bed pic... that is my fetish


Posted on Jul 27th (7:58pm), 3 days ago

hip-indeed: That's the thing, man! Love things for what they are and how cool they are! Don't EVER let the people you share that love with get you down about it. If you've come this far without overdoing it with ponies, for example, I doubt you ever will. I can tell you have the control to never fall into that pit; I just worry about you letting the weirdos make you yet another one of the "good ones who left", when I surely hope that doesn't happen... with ponies or any other cool thing later on.

Don’t worry, haha, i’m not really worried about becoming obsessed with pony or anything, it’s just a position I feel like I can understand, despite not liking it.

Posted on Jul 26th (11:24pm), 4 days ago

sdcc 2k14

so i’m all done with comic con for this year! I don’t have tickets for Sunday (not that i honestly really wanted them anyway)

so it was fun! i got to see a My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Regular Show panel, in addition to some cool posters and plushies. not to mention 100 streetpass tags!

but part of it got me thinking about some of the people who attend Comic-Con, or any pop culture convention really. it feels like there is an abundance of people who are a part of a cult-following that use a story or characters to fill some sort of void within themselves. i know this isn’t anything surprising or new, but seeing so many people and talking with so many people who seem to have been consumed by their fandom quite frankly makes me uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s fair of me to judge people based on an obsession, but I think I do regardless.

I also think I see myself in some of these people. i like to believe, although I am a fan of many different series, and draw quite a lot of fan art, I am more or less still just a fan, and not a fanatic. however, even being a fan of a series with a cult following seems to make me uncomfortable, like one day I might snap, give up on everything and end up dedicating my life to some imaginary world because I have nothing else I care for.

All of that being said, I still had a great time, and I do plan on going next year. I guess i just wish more people were satisfied and happy enough with their lives to enjoy things simply for the series itself and not to fill a void.

Posted on Jul 26th (6:31pm), 4 days ago
Regular Show News

Season 6 AND 7 confirmed.

Another Halloween episode

Meet mordekais parents.

Muscle man and high five ghost backstory

3 chrismas episodes

An episode named “Party Horse”

More about Thomas.

More about the park (probably)

Margarite isn’t coming back for awhile

Death Kwon Do sensei coming back

More episodes about Mordekai’s artistic background

Mordekai can’t fly

New Regular Show mobile game

Sick ass raps (that were done live)

Posted on Jul 26th (2:44pm), 4 days ago
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